.hotel domain registration

.hotel domain information

.hotel domain registration

The new .hotel gTLD has been introduced to create a travel platform, particularly for hotels around the world.

The new .hotel extension will give travel agencies, hotel chains, hotel owners, hostels, B&Bs and agritourism, greater visibility and credibility online.

Type New generic top level domain (NgTLD)
Category Services, Leisure, BestSelection

Requirements for the .hotel extension

There is no information about .hotel domain registration yet.

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.hotel domain calendar

The domain request is still under evaluation so the launch calendar for this new extension is not available yet.
As soon as details are announced, we will update this page with all the available information.
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List of domain applications .hotel

Only one request will be approved
Applicant Status
Fegistry, LLC
Spring McCook, LLC
Despegar Online SRL
dot Hotel Limited
DotHotel Inc.
HOTEL Top-Level-Domain S.a.r.l
Top Level Domain Holdings Limited

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